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Ferrari revive LaFerrari for earthquake victims

By Louis Cordony, 02 Sep 2016 News

Ferrari revives LaFerrari for earthquake victims

Special LaFerrari built for disaster victims

Ready your cheque books, collectors, Ferrari’s building one more LaFerrari.

While LaFerrari production finished last year, Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari Chairman and CEO, confirmed it’ll build and auction a 500th example to help victims of the recent earthquake in Italy.

More than 290 people were killed when a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck Italy’s Amatrice last Wednesday, which also displaced thousands more.

At release the LaFerrari wore a pricetag of 1.2-million Euros (AU$2.5m). However, as one of Ferrari’s fastest, and with only 499 being built, money alone was not enough to bag Maranello’s flagship.

Ferrari LaFerrai rearAnd with used examples currently commanding somewhere between AU$4m and AU$5m, the LaFerrari 500 should draw a hefty cheque.

Of course, whatever price it summons, it'll be appreciated. Italy’s summer has ended and it’s reported the Amatrice’s displaced are expecting wooden chalet-style huts be built before winter arrives.

Ferrari hasn’t said when its one-off LaFerrari will go to auction, nor what specification it’ll bear, but it won't be long. The incoming LaFerrari Aperta should’ve kept factory lights on.

Ferrari LaFerrai sideThe one-off LaFerrari’s build number should make it awkward for current owners, though, who’s cars bear plaques saying ‘limited edition XXX/499’. Number 500’s expected to receive a special plaque to commemorate its status.

Both V12 flagships before it, the Enzo and F50, avoided round totals. Produced to runs of 349 and 399 respectively.

This is not the first time Ferrari’s built a special ‘extra’ for charity, either. In 2004 Ferrari donated an Enzo to the Pope, which was then auctioned off for Tsunami victims.