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First-ever HSV W427 resurfaces for sale

By Louis Cordony, 16 Nov 2020 News

First ever HSV W427 for sale

The first W427 ever built is back up for sale - and it's not going cheap

HSV’s first-ever W427, known as 001, has resurfaced for sale on Facebook - at an eye-watering $427,000.

Don’t, however, be fooled by that price.

Ozcarfinder, as the page hosting the sale is known, has assured punters the ask is “negotiable” and the large sum - which just so happens to match the car’s badge - is just for attention.

First ever HSV W427 for saleI don't want stupid offers,” the page moderator James says, “[the] high price [means] more likely people that actually will be interested will send me a message.”

Just how much the prototype W427 is worth, though, is a subject of conjecture.

We originally discovered this exact car for sale in 2016 at Melbourne’s Duttons Garage, with the price available only on application.

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We’re told it’s changed hands twice since then. It first was sold to a car collector and then on to its current owner after that.

During these four years, it’s travelled around 40km and shows just 343km on its odometer.

First ever HSV W427 for sale

Keep in mind W427 number 001 has never been road registered and will need a VASS certified engineer to provide documentation to change that. 

So unless you plan on trailering it to the track – which we'd advise against since this W427 001 kept the standard VE GTS gearbox and drivetrain – it’s going to be a very expensive ornament.

But that’s not a bad plan given W427’s ill-fated production run only adds to its rarity  HSV originally planned to sell 427 units before the global financial crisis cut that to 137 (excluding the prototype).

First ever HSV W427 for sale

We asked how much Ozcarfinder is expecting to trade it for but we weren't given a guide.  

We're not sure what to expect, either, given in 2016 we saw prices for ‘normal’ W427s range from high as $180,000 to as low as $85,000, depending on their specific condition and kilometres.

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Today, W427s have all but vanished from most classifieds sites, no doubt increasing their desirability.

The W427 has always been an expensive car, though, with a $155,500 tag from new thanks to an exotic spec list for an Aussie muscle car.

First ever HSV W427 for saleA dry-sump Corvette 7.0-litre V8 offered 375kW/640Nm, and it was paired with a (then-new) Tremec 6060 and sturdier limited-slip diff, while a dual-mode exhaust system improved the bent eight’s bark.

It also featured HSV's then-new Magnetic Ride Control active dampers. It matched that with lowered, stiffer suspension and huge Brembo brakes.

HSV debuted the car at the Melbourne Motor Show in 2008.

First ever HSV W427 for sale

Finished in Panorama Silver as a nod to the original VL Group A Walky, and among only three W427s finished in that hue, number 001 is that very pre-production prototype which sat on HSV’s stand.

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