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This NASCAR team will build you a NASCAR-spec track car

By Daniel Wong, 16 Jan 2020 News

Hendrick Motorsports Track Attack is a bona fide stock car that can do more than turn left

Hendrick Motorsports Track Attack NASCAR track toy news

If you are looking to bring some all-American shock and awe at your next track day, NASCAR racing team Hendrick Motorsports can sort you out with the Track Attack.

According to Hendrick Motorsports, which campaigns Camaro NASCAR racers in the NASCAR Cup Series, The Track Attack is essentially a NASCAR-spec racer that is built for traditional road courses instead of the huge banked ovals the sport usually takes place on.

Built from the ground up with a NASCAR Cup Series full tube chassis, the Track Attack features a fully adjustable double wishbone front and trailing arm rear suspension system with adjustable shock absorbers and rear track bar assembly.

The Track Attack’s also features a proprietary NASCAR Cup series 9-inch differential that is specifically built for “left and right-hand road course use”.

As for the rest of the drivetrain, the Track Attack comes with a 468kW+/795Nm+ 7.4-litre LSX ‘454’ V8, which the team describes as its “most refined engine package”.

However, for the more dedicated of track enthusiasts, Hendrick Motorsports can drop in a NASCAR Cup Series spec 5.9-litre carburettor-fed Chevrolet R07 producing over 540kW and 664Nm.

Likewise, the Track Attack can be optioned with either a NASCAR Cup Series spec four-speed H-pattern manual, or a modern five- or six-speed sequential shifter with rev-matching capabilities if fitted to the LSX V8.

Interior appointments such as the proprietary carbon-fibre “containment seat”, pedal assembly, and cockpit fire suppression system, along with the car’s 68-litre fuel cell, are similar to those used in Hendrick Motorsports’ own race cars.

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Customers can also choose between two body styles, the Camaro ZL1 NASCAR Cup Series or the championship-winning Chevrolet SS-badged Holden Commodore NASCAR body, and deck it out in a livery of the customers’ choice.

Both body styles are built with the same mix of sheet metal and carbon-kevlar materials used to construct modern NASCAR racers, and fitted with anti-lift off roof and hood flaps.

According to reports, prices for the Track Attack start at USD$125,000 (AUD$180,775), which isn’t all that pricey for what essential is a bona fide race car built by a championship-winning race team.