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Herrod Performance’s 2017 Mustang atmo pack

By Chris Thompson, 30 May 2018 News

Herrod Performance’s 2017 Mustang atmo pack

Three levels of upgrade from around $2,750

Herrod Performance in Melbourne is offering a kit to get more out of the Mustangs engine while keeping it free-breathing.

The naturally-aspirated performance packs from Herrod come in three levels, starting from $2750 and topping out around $7500 fitted.

Essentially, a cold air intake from a GT350R is fitted to the 2015-2017 Mustang GT, which is accompanied by an 87mm throttle body, also from a GT350R and a strut brace from, you guessed it, a GT350R.

This is just the base kit, which comes with an ADR-compliant tune, as well as a warranty from Ford Performance.

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The $2750 base kit can improve performance by as much as the other two, Rob Herrod says around 20kW and 60Nm more is a realistic expectation, but the other packs include more auditory and aesthetic GT350R-sourced improvements.

For $5500, customers can opt for the Ford Performance cat-back exhaust, which has a more aggressive note than a stock GT. Power gains are roughly the same, and customers still a dyno verification of the increase.

Finally, a $7500 pack adds a Ford Performance GT350R quad-exhaust, which requires the addition of a GT350R valance to accommodate the extra pipes.

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As options, Herrod can fit a Ford Performance lowered spring pack for $1200, or an upgraded FR3 Handling package for $3200.

As Herrod Performance is a certified tier-2 manufacturer, Mustangs that roll out of the Herrod workshop also get fitted with a build number plate.

“With the naturally aspirated packages fitted, we have seen power gains of a staggering 20kW+ and 60Nm+ at the hub, as tested on our in-house Mainline Hub Dyno,” says managing director Rob Herrod.

“All of this while still retaining the New Vehicle Limited Warranty backed by Ford Performance, out of the USA.”