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HSV Gen-F2 GTO Coupe concept

By Scott Newman, 26 Oct 2015 News

HSV Gen-F2 GTO Coupe concept

Aussie photographer whips up a two-door Gen-F2

It may look real, but this two-door HSV Gen-F2 GTO Coupe is the brainchild of Melbourne-based photographer Leigh Kelly.

Inspired by our Sweet Dream com-gens, Kelly's mind wandered while editing a photoshoot of HSV's new Clubsport R8 LSA.

According to Kelly: "I've always been inspired by your in-house concept designs. I took this inspiration and imagined a VF GTO coupe from a photo I shot of the new LSA R8 today. Enjoy!"

We do, Leigh, and we reckon plenty of customers would as well. Sadly, the tooling costs make it an impossibility, but the idea of a 400kW/671Nm GTO Coupe returning at around $90K with a 430kW/740Nm GTS Coupe as HSV's new $105K flagship has us misty-eyed and salivating in equal measure.

What do you think of this two-door HSV?