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ACCC Recall on Huracan Fabrication seat adapter kits

By Dean Mellor, 02 Mar 2020 News

Huracan Fabrication seat adapter kit recall news

Popular Huracan Seat Adapter Kits subject to ACCC Product Safety Recall

A Product Safety Recall has been issued for various Seat Adapter Kits manufactured by Huracan Fabrication between March 15, 2018 and June 6, 2019.

The seat adapter kits allow the fitment of Ford Falcon BA-FGX seats and Holden Commodore VE seats to popular 4x4 vehicles and the recall is specific to kits for the Toyota 100 Series Landcruiser, Nissan GU Patrol and D22 Navara, and Mitsubishi ML and MN Triton models.

According to the recall notice, “At loads exceeding 1.2 tonne seat belt strain, the seat belt mounting point may fail, resulting in the seat belt buckle breaking loose.

“The product does not meet the required Australian Design Rule ‘Vehicle Standard (ADR 3/03 - Seats and Seat Anchorages) 2006.’”

The recall notice also states, “If [the] seat belt buckle breaks in the event of an accident, the seat occupant is at risk of serious injury or death.”

Rhys Cartlidge from Huracan Fabrication points out that the recall was a voluntary initiation. “We went to the ACCC voluntarily and initiated a voluntary recall, and that was so they could help us with contacting as many people as possible,” he says.

“We were told that the initial engineering was compliant … we did some additional testing and found that although the seatbelt mount was strong it didn’t meet the three-tonne pull requirement in accordance with VSB5, so what we did is we reengineered that part so that it is now compliant.

“We made it so that it was backwards compatible with the kits we had already sold, so that way people can upgrade their old kits … it’s just the seatbelt mount that needs to be changed,” adds Rhys.

Rhys also points out that once the seatbelt mount has been upgraded, the Seat Adapter Kit is fully compliant, and it is supplied with the relevant engineering approval.

If you have a seat adapter kit manufactured in the range stated above, you’re advised to contact Huracan Fabrication to receive seat belt mount upgrade kit, free of charge.

You can contact Huracan Fabrication via email at admin@huracanfabrication.com for more information or to organise a seat belt mount upgrade kit, or use the below links to order direct: GU / D22 Navara / MN or ML Triton huracanfabrication.com/products/vsb5 or 100/105 Series Landcruiser huracanfabrication.com/products/100-105-series-landcruiser-vsb-seat-belt-upgrade-kit.