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L-Plater wins Herrod supercharged Mustang

By Chris Thompson, 24 Sep 2018 News

L-Plater wins Herrod supercharged Mustang news

Herrod Performance gave away a Milwaukee-branded Mustang to a lucky learner

It’s not often you get jealous of a learner driver, but a young tradie who just picked up his first car is an exception.

Herrod Performance recently ran a competition with Milwaukee tools to give away a supercharged Mustang with the tool brand’s logo worked into the car’s design.

It’s a good looking thing, and under the hood is a supercharged Coyote V8 tuned for more than 500kW and 730Nm by Herrod. It’s a hard prize to be disappointed with, and the winner certainly isn’t disappointed.

On his learner licence, he’s able to drive the car with supervision – but that changes once hit gets a provisional licence. Someone’s got a long few years of waiting ahead of him.

Rob Herrod, the man in charge at Herrod Performance, tells MOTOR that he was pleased to see the car go to someone who would really appreciate it.

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“It was terrific. When he showed up he was just a really good kid – down to Earth, well-spoken, and not big-noting himself about it or anything like that.

“It’s great that he’s a young kid who was just buying tools for his career… you just don’t see stuff like this happen anymore.

“The story I was told was that he’d been saving to buy some tools for work because he wants to be a carpenter, and just got himself a job since he’s coming up to getting his licence soon.

“All he did was buy some power tools and, well now he’s got himself a Mustang. He’s not sure what he wants to do with it yet, but he can learn to drive in it.”

Herrod estimates the car is worth roughly $100,000 – a tad more than the cars most people learn to drive in.