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Lamborghini Urus with 597kW tuned by Manhart

By Chris Thompson, 29 Jan 2019 News

Lamborghini Urus 600kW tuned by Manhart news

German tuner takes Urus to the next level

If you thought the Lamborghini Urus wasn’t already excessive enough, German tuner Manhart is on the same page.

Where the twin-turbo V8-powered Urus normally puts out 478kW and 850Nm from its 4.0-litre Audi-derived engine, Manhart tuned the bent eight to extract 597KW and 980Nm.

This means Manhart has gifted the Urus an additional 119kW and 130Nm. That’s not far from adding a 1.5-litre MX-5 on top of the Urus’ outputs.

On top of that, Manhart has enlisted Russia-based Topcar Design to supply the style, resulting in an outwardly loud body that seems to amplify the Urus’ already unsubtle looks.

Topcar’s photos of the Urus 800 feature a clean yellow paintjob, but Manhart’s Facebook page features edited black accents and a more dramatic finish on the photo. Bumblebee, is that you?

While Manhart will often design its own body kits, Topcar’s carbon-laden splitters and diffusers suit the aggro-Urus well.

If the name Manhart sound familiar, you might have heard it in reference to a wide array of other tuned models produced by the company. Manhart’s main game is, however, tuning BMW Group models.

But where companies like Alpina will create a plush (yet fast) car with a BMW as its base, Manhart doesn’t do subtle… as you can see in the Urus.

Take the Manhart MH1 S Biturbo as an example. Does a BMW 1 Series need an extra turbocharger and 343kW? Of course not, but Manhart did it anyway.

The N54 straight six (which also produces 606Nm in this application) turns the One into a little terror, and Manhart’s custom bodywork doesn’t hide that.

Hot Tuner: Manhart unleashes 463kW M2

Manhart is yet to reveal more information about the Urus 800 officially, but MOTOR will be keeping a close eye on the German tuner.