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Luxe Mega Tub boasts one of the biggest trays in the segment

By Tristan Tancredi, 29 Nov 2019 News

LDV T60 Luxe Mega Tub Australia news

LDV Automotive proves size matters by unleashing stretched version of its T60 ute.

LDV Automotive has added a stretched version of its T60 dual-cab ute to its line-up, with the all-new T60 Luxe Mega Tub boasting one of the biggest trays in the segment.

With a tray length of 1800mm, the budget-friendly Luxe Mega Tub’s tub is now 275mm longer than the regular T60 ute and, according to LDV, can store bikes standing upright and fit a typical six-foot tradie ladder.

There’s also an extra 315mm in the wheelbase (to total 3470mm), and the tray features an inner tray line for added protection. Hard lids and roller tops will be available, according to LDV.

“Size matters, and by bringing the T60 Luxe Mega Tub to market we’re broadening our offering in the most competitive segment in Australia,” said Dinesh Chinnappa, LDV Automotive’s General Manager.

“It’s clear owners want a vehicle that blurs the lines between weekend lifestyle and week-day workhorse,” he added. “The T60 Luxe Mega Tub is the perfect ute to do just that – and a premium of just $1500 over a regular T60 means it’s significantly better value than any other LWB ute in the segment.”

The Luxe Mega Tub mirrors the powertrain and running gear of the existing T60, which means it gets the 110kW/360Nm 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine – mated to either a six-speed auto or six-speed manual transmission – and a rear on-demand diff lock.

Earlier this month, Volkswagen unveiled its Amarok XL and XXL models, with the wheelbases stretching to 3405mm (XL) and 3745mm (XXL), and the tray length extending to 1865mm (XL) and 2205mm (XXL).

Aside from the gargantuan price discrepancy between the Amarok and LDV, a vital difference between the stretched T60 and Amarok is that the T60 version is built on the same production line as the regular T60 – unlike the conversion applied to the VWs by Adelaide-based Adaptive Manufacturing.

While pricing for the VW versions hasn’t been finalised, it’s expected to cost around $15K on top of the price of the car; in comparison, with a $34,990 sticker price, the Luxe Mega Tub will cost just $1500 more than the regular T60 dual-cab.

The Luxe Mega Tub will be available from December 2019.

Pro: $28,990/$30,990
Luxe: $33,490/$35,490
Luxe Mega Tub: $34,990/$36,990
Trailrider: $36,990/$38,990