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Loyal Holden buyers to gain access to Lang Lang proving ground

By Toby Hagon, 22 Feb 2019 News

Loyal Holden buyers to gain access to Lang Lang proving ground

Want a peek at new Holdens? Join the Club

ACCESS to the top secret Lang Lang proving ground could be one of the carrots dangled as part of Holden’s new Qantas-inspired loyalty program for top shelf fleet buyers.

Likening the four-tiered “Club” membership to that of the Qantas Club and invite-only Qantas Chairman’s Club, Holden sales director Peter Keley said the radical new direction was about simplifying the fleet offering and providing greater benefits to those who buy multiple Holdens.

“We can start talking to them about taking advantage of a facility like Lang Lang, actually exposing them and their drivers to Lang Lang,” said Keley in discussing some of the options for the top Club Diamond tier that will be introduced for large fleets on March 1.

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“Start thinking about Qantas Club and Chairman’s Club, very much masked in mystique, very special benefits indeed with Club Diamond.”

Keley said the benefits of each Holden Club level – Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond – were yet to be finalised, adding that “we have a small list of things at the moment, that could grow to a big list”.

Keley says there could be opportunities to be first into new models and have access to yet-to-be-released vehicles, something already common with big fleet purchasers across many brands.

“It could be access to evaluation cars, it could be newsletters, it could be a concierge services … it might be a permanent loan car.”

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Pricing for fleets will also be rationalised and simplified as part of the new Club levels, with Holding switching from as many as 14 offerings to the four Club levels.