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Aston Martin built a M3-powered DB5 stunt car for No Time to Die

By Chris Thompson, 21 Feb 2020 News

M3-powered Aston Martin DB5 No Time to Die stunt car  news

The epic stunt car for the new Bond film is now a poorly kept secret

For the new Bond film, No Time to Die, no less than eight replica Aston Martin DB5 stunt cars were built to be shot at, thrashed, and generally treated in a manner that’d make you ill if it were a genuine classic Aston.

But these cars had been rumoured to be just about the ultimate stunt cars – a set of BMW M3-powered Aston Martin DB5s. And it turns out they’re real.

A couple of media outlets, primarily Evo, Car and Driver and Esquire were invited to drive some of the cars featured in the upcoming film, with Evo’s Richard Meaden having spilled the beans on the makeup and mechanicals under the bonnet.

“Bespoke spaceframe with BMW E46 motor and transmission. Weighs 1000kg and runs on skinny Avon historic racing rubber. No stupid electronics. Just about perfect.”

Other outlets were told the cars were given ‘modern, 300bhp-ish straight-six engines’ and modern suspension.

The trailer shows off some of the particularly dynamic driving performed during filming, but only small snippets. Seems we’ll have to wait for the full film to see just what the M3-DB5 can do.

In the meantime, another British brand has used its presence in the film to show off a bit of rugged engineering.

The new Land Rover Defender’s looking rather tough…