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McLaren P1 LM sets new Nurburgring lap record

By Chris Thompson, 29 May 2017 News

It turns out the mythical 6m 48s McLaren lap was quite a conservative estimate

McLaren P1 LM onboard Kenny Brack2

In April, everyone thought a McLaren P1 LM had taken the top Nurburgring lap time out with a 6:48 run, but an official time was never released.

Then Chinese electric manufacturer Nio came along and ran its EP9 around the Green Hell, resulting in a lap time of 6:45.9.

A P1 LM has just lapped the ‘Ring in 6:43.2.

McLaren P1 LM badge
With IndyCar racing champ Kenny ‘Full Attack’ Bräck at the wheel (he man who lived through a 214 g crash), the P1 LM had a hard run to get the record time.

Having been involved with Lanzante since the LM was introduced at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year, Bräck has extensive experience with the car and the best chance at extracting a top time.

The result was an improvement of almost three seconds over the time set by the Nio EP9, and five faster than the original rumour.

McLaren P1 LM Kenny Brack
Of course, on the YouTube video posted by Lanzante, the comments turned into a criticism of Bräck’s driving.

At around 1:45 in the above video (or 1:35 on the lap timer), Bräck takes a corner and shakes his head slightly afterwards. Whether he meant to take the corner in that manner, we can’t say.

McLaren P1 LM interior
But considering the ‘Ring is so long and complicated, even the best pilots would struggle to get a ‘perfect’ lap.

As the rest of Bräck’s lap is pretty flawless, it’s clear that it shouldn't make an enormous difference.

As one user observed, “yep, all the best racing drivers can be found in the comment section.”