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Nürburgring oil spill causes 10-car crash

By Chris Thompson, 16 Aug 2017 News

You really don’t want to be at the ‘Ring when someone’s dropping fluids

Nürburgring oil spill main

When you take to the track, you expect to have a fun time and go home with, at the worst, a mechanical issue you can fix over another weekend.

If you were at the Nürburgring this week, however, you might not have even taken your car home.

Chaos Nürburgring oil spillAn oil spill which was spread through the Foxhole, a particularly fast and deceptive section of the track, caused the carnage you see in the above video.

Ten cars were caught up in the mess, which all began after a McLaren threw oil onto the track according to Nurburgring regular BridgeToGantry. The beginning of the incident was also caught on footage by another driver, YouTube user xthilox.

It shows the silver BMW Z4 from 43 seconds into the first video before it ended up a wreck. The Z4 seems to escape the worst of its initial slide, though it noses into the back of an Audi R8 before, presumably, being rear-ended badly later on.

We don’t however, get to see properly what became of the Green Audi RS4 to the right in the ‘before’ video.

A bit of digging revealed it was thoroughly destroyed, much like the Z4, along with an E36 BMW.

The Audi is circled below, with the E36 to the left of it and the Z4 in up ahead.

Nürburgring oil spillWe also discovered that the lime green car next to the dark green E36 in the first video is also an E36. Or was.

The worst part about this isn’t the loss of several brilliant cars (stay with me here), but the realisation that each of these was piloted by a person.

We hope that anyone injured in this horrible event recovers quickly, and doesn’t take it as a sign to stop driving for fun.