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Partnership formed to keep WA’s 4x4 tracks open

By Tristan Tancredi, 21 Sep 2016 News

Partnership formed to keep WA’s 4x4 tracks open

Automotive industry, government and 4WD community band together to protect Western Australia's tracks and reserves.

THE four-wheel drive community has joined forces with the automotive industry and the government to clean up reserves and 4WD tracks in Western Australia.

A partnership formed between the Motor Trade Association of WA’s Four-Wheel Drive Industry Association (4WDIA), Track Care WA (TCWA) and the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) will see sustainable practices put in place to preserve and protect reserves and parks.

The aim of the partnership is to also keep 4WD tracks open and accessible for future generations.

Clearing 4wd tracksGraham Cawley, 4WDIA’s division manager, said in a statement: “Unfortunately many tracks are under threat of closure due to damage off the tracks and littering by the minority groups, and they are not necessarily 4WDers.”

After the group visited Wandoo National Park, which had a number of tracks planned for closure, the program noted a significant lack of signage as a major cause of track degradation.

“The majority of 4WDers want to do the right thing, but it’s really hard to do that when there’s not a lot of signage and it’s unclear which tracks can be used,” Cawley added.

Group installed signsThe group installed the first signs within the park in April, 2016. One set was erected in a large wetland area damaged by 4WDers who had not kept to the tracks; the second set was put up on a popular track that features a deep bog hole, which consistently saw drivers take alternate routes.

The new signs clearly indicate that people must be adequately prepared before attempting to tackle these sections.

Signs were also erected in the area to educate 4WDers when they’re in environmentally sensitive areas.

Installing signs“It’s really important that track users respect the environment. We’re blessed in WA with great bush tracks and we want to keep them open,” Cawley said.

“We’ve got a simple message to get out: ‘help us to keep tracks open by respecting the areas you love to use’. It’s such a positive step for the 4WD industry to be working with TCWA and DPAW to promote sustainable 4WDing. It’s a great sign for the future.”