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Porsche 992 911 testing at Nürburgring is naturally aspirated, manual

By Chris Thompson, 26 Oct 2018 News

Unexpected atmo 992 could mean a few things for Porsche’s future

Porsche 992 911 testing Nurburgring naturally aspirated manual feature

A next-gen Porsche 992 911 has been spotted testing at the Nürburgring, and it sounds like it’s naturally-aspirated and manual.

The YouTuber who uploaded the video, AutomotiveMike, has said it’s the next 911 GT3, but this goes against previous insider knowledge MOTOR has gleaned from Europe.

The following is from a previously published article outlining the direction of the next 911 GT3, as told by MOTOR’s well-connected European Editor, Georg Kacher.

‘The next-generation 911 GT3 – part of the all-new ‘992’ lineup – will feature a turbocharged flat-six producing around 410kW fed through an eight-speed PDK gearbox.’

MOTOR's Full Story: Next 911 GT3 to be 400kW turbo

This suggests the drivetrain present in the car being tested here is not for the next GT3, or that Porsche has changed its mind about the GT3 going turbo.

If the GT3 is to go turbo, then there’s something else this 992 could be testing.

As exclusively published by MOTOR earlier this year, Porsche’s GT road car engines boss Thomas Mader says Porsche is working on a 9500rpm street-legal 911.

MOTOR's Full Story: Porsche investigating 9500rpm street-legal 911

As the 992 in the video sounds properly racey (even more so than the current 991.2 GT3), it’s possible there will be a road version development of the engine similar to that of the 4.0-litre in the 991.2 RSR race car.

Speaking to MOTOR at the launch of the 991.2 GT3 RS, Mader said "[his team] will look at the things we have on racetrack to put it in the street car, that's our job.”

Stay tuned as MOTOR uncovers more information relating to the future of the 911.