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Recall issued for Second-gen Mazda BT-50

By Tristan Tancredi, 22 Feb 2017 News

Recall issued for Second-gen Mazda BT-50

Second-gen Mazda BT-50 (UP) recalled for speed sensor failure.

A RECALL has been issued for more than 1000 second-gen Mazda BT-50s (UP) sold between October 31, 2011 and December 3, 2012. This issue affects only automatic models.

According to the recall report, “there is a possibility that an intermittent Output Shaft Speed Sensor failure may result in an unintended downshift in first gear”.

The obvious safety concern is that this failure could cause abrupt wheel-speed reduction, which may lead to the rear tyres locking up and a loss in vehicle control.

To see if your BT-50 is one of the affected vehicles, check this link.

Mazda BT-50 rearIn September last year, a recall was also issued for Mazda’s BT-50 dual-cab ute (series number: UP0YF1 and UR0YF1) due to a dodgy return spring on the rear folding seatback latch.

This hazard increased the risk of serious injury, as the backseat may shift position during braking if it isn’t secured into position.

Mazda will send a letter in the mail to all owners of affected BT-50s, where they’ll be advised to take their utes to the nearest Mazda dealer for free reparation.

Whether this latest recall impacts the mechanically similar Ford Ranger is as yet unknown.