RM Sotheby’s to auction stunningly massive ‘Elkhart’ car collection

Hundreds of cars in this collection are set to find new owners this year

RM Sothebys auction Elkhart car collection

Ever wondered what it might be like if a few dozen car collectors amassed their automotive property into one giant collection? We suspect it might look a little like the Elkhart Collection.

This Leno-esque amalgamation of various motoring eras and genres is up for auction later this year, with hundreds of lots for sale. Most are cars, but there are plenty of motorcycles and other modes of transport included.

Described rather astutely as “at once broad but highly selective” by auctioneers RM Sotheby’s, the Elkhart collection is named not for its former owner, but for the city in which it’s located in Indiana.

Perhaps the rumours surrounding its former owner and alleged involvement in some shady dealings is related, but the man’s tastes in anything automotive are undeniable.

Across the span of years and marques represented from both on and off the racetrack, here are a couple of highlights.

Two Chevrolet Impala NASCAR race cars

One driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr and the other by Jeff Gordon, these two oval-blasters are representative of two of the sport’s most recognisable names.

Dodge Challenger Demon

RM Sothebys Auction Elkhart Car Collection Dodge Challenger Demon Jpg

This epic supercharged beast is a little bit the odd one out in this collection. Variety is the spice of life.

A DMC DeLorean

RM Sothebys Auction Elkhart Car Collection DMC De Lorean Jpg

Obligatory mention. Not fast, or particularly good, but very cool.

Ferrari Testarossa

RM Sothebys Auction Elkhart Car Collection Ferrari Testarossa Jpg

Icon of the 1980s, this one from 1991 with just 5240 miles on the clock.

A pair of Lotus Cortinas, one race and one rally

RM Sothebys Auction Elkhart Car Collection Lotus Cortina Jpg

For when you can’t decide between circuit work or a jaunt on some gravel.

Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale Zagato

RM Sothebys Auction Elkhart Car Collection Alfa Romeo TZ 3 Stradale Zagato Jpg

Honouring both Alfa’s 100th anniversary of building road cars and the Tubolare Zagato models of the 1960s, only nine of the TZ3 were produced. This is number 6.

Aston Martin DB5

RM Sothebys Auction Elkhart Car Collection Aston Martin DB 5 Jpg

Painted in Sierra Blue, so while it’s not quite shaken, it has stirred our interest.


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