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Video: Straight-piped Audi RS4 Avant hooned in tunnels

By Zak Adkins, 12 Feb 2019 News

A B8 RS4 Avant is given a proper thrashing through a tunnel network

Straight-piped Audi RS4 Avant hooned Monaco news

Feast your eyes and ears on this YouTube clip which stars a B8 Audi RS4 Avant blasting its way through a few tunnels.

In the short clip, YouTuber ‘Marchettino’ goes along for the ride of his life, bracing himself as the driver limiter-bashes the V8 through a set of winding tunnels.

Once outside, rain begins to bucket down, but in typical rev-head fashion (and with the assistance of quattro all-wheel-drive); the driver gives it a boot-full of right foot anyway.

This particular RS4 is not completely standard, though, as some might originally think. Boasting a thundering set of straight-pipes from German exhaust manufacturer ASG, the Avant is significantly louder than stock, letting everyone in town (or the country) know a screaming V8 Audi is coming.

Whether or not it remains legal is another thing, but who doesn’t love a V8 at wide-open throttle?

Audi released the sleeper B8 generation in 2012, featuring a powerful (and immensely sonorous) 4.2-litre naturally aspirated TFSI V8 with 331kW/430Nm and a 7-speed sequential-automatic transmission.

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The atmo donk revved to 8250rpm, propelling the RS4 Avant to 0-100km/h in just 4.7 seconds. As production closed on the B8 platform, MOTOR described it in 2015 as “a masterpiece of an engine.” Despite the fact that some AWD hot hatches in 2019 could give this Avant a good fight, the RS4 is still a quick car (considering it weighs almost 1800kg).

Around 7000 B8 RS4s were produced, making them a rare sight, especially in Australia.

As the current generation B9 RS4 has downsized to a twin-turbo V6 for emissions, the engine doesn’t quite have the character of the mighty 4.2-litre TFSI engine. When electric vehicles have taken over our world, this will be a V8 we remember.