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SuperUtes driver suffers monumental rollover

By Cameron Kirby, 23 Jul 2018 News

SuperUtes driver suffers monumental rollover

Michael Sieders walks away from massive stack, likely saved by mullet

IF YOU weren’t watching the new SuperUtes category at Queensland Raceway over the weekend, you missed out on one of the most spectacular crashes of the year so far.

Category debutant Michael Sieders was sent into a series of violent and fast barrel rolls that ended with his Mitsubishi Triton race car perched atop the track’s concrete barriers.

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The crash was caused when Ryal Harris and Tom Alexander clashed at turn one of the final race of the weekend, with both running off track.

Seeing an opportunity, Sieders dived underneath the pair and made a break for the lead but, unfortunately, Alexander kept his right foot planted while he got into a tankslapper, and rammed the rear of the Mitsubishi’s tray, pitching it sideways.

Physics finished the job off, with Sieders’ rear left wheels torn away and catapulted into low orbit during the crash.

“I thought I was in the clear, all good, and next minute I am nowhere, on my roof, I don’t even know which way I was going,” Sieders said after the mega shunt.

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The only thing arguably more spectacular than the rollover is Sieders’ impressive mutton chops and mullet combo, which should be immortalised in art.

From those of us at Wheels HQ, we salute you good sir. Ten out of ten for effort!