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Ten-millionth Ford Mustang to be built this week

By Chris Thompson, 06 Aug 2018 News

Ten-millionth Ford Mustang to be built this week news

The Pony’s big milestone is only days away

Since 1964 (and a half, if you follow that school of thought), the Mustang has been one of the most easily recognisable cars on the planet.

And in the 54-ish years it’s been around, almost 10 million have been built. Almost.

This week, on August 8 (US time), the 10,000,000th Ford Mustang is set to roll off the line at the plant in Michigan. That’s two days from time of writing.

Though Ford is keeping tight-lipped on details of the car itself, the date is something MOTOR has been chasing (‘hounding’ may be a better word) Ford about for some time.

Production number reports and a little bit of rough maths revealed the special ‘Stang might show up around mid-2018, but we couldn’t be sure. Now Ford has finally spilled the beans.

As mentioned, there’s nothing official on the car itself, though an Instagram user has recently uploaded two shots of what is reportedly the special Pony.

It’s unconfirmed at this stage, though the user’s (@official_ford_guy) involvement with the US Mustang community would suggest he’s got some inside knowledge and/or access.

While it’s not unusual for mass-market cars such as the VW Golf or Honda Civic to surpass milestones like this (approaching 50 million between them), sports cars (even affordable ones such as the Mazda MX-5, one million as of 2016) rarely soar so high.

It makes it not only one of the most iconic sports cars (or muscle cars, in a more accurate sense) in the world, but also one of the most popular.

With its most recent generation, it’s found the same (if not more) popularity here in Australia, regularly topping the sports car segment on sales reports as the first version of the Mustang sold locally through Ford.

Stay tuned as we find out what the 10 millionth Mustang is, and what Ford has planned for its reveal.

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