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Tesla Model S does awesome snow donuts

By Scott Newman, 13 Feb 2017 News

Taking a Tesla for a spin - literally

Tesla Model S does awesome snow donuts

The Tesla Model S is the internet star of the car industry, an automotive PewDiePie.

While we'll leave actually collating the figures to someone else, surely the electric sensation must rank near the very top for the number of articles produced/video views. 

There's just something about it that has captured the imagination of the general public; even non-car enthusiasts all want to know about Elon Musk's bold creation.

Most videos understandably focus on the car's prodigious straight-line speed, lining up drag races against seemingly every possible foe, with the rocket-like Tesla usually coming out on top. We've even done so ourselves (see below).

The video above shows a different side to its personality. Helpfully, while Tesla's self-driving ability has created plenty of headlines, as enthusiasts we're more excited about the ability to deactive the ESP system.

With a Model S and an empty, snowy carpark, you're guaranteed plenty of amusement, at least until you inevitably become too confident, meet a stationary object and require a tow truck. 

The Model S might be powered by electricity instead of fossil fuels, however like most all-wheel drive vehicles it still has the unique ability to almost donut in its own length. Porsches are particularly good at this, or so we hear...

While that's a neat party trick, for our money the rear-drive Model S is still the more entertaining car, not least because with a Japanese drift champion all that electric torque turns it into a mean drift car. 

Unfortunately, this videos all too often overshadow the fact that the Tesla Model S is actually an extremely accomplished car.