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Tesla pulls the plug on its cheapest Model S and Model X models

By Andy Enright, 11 Jan 2019 News

Tesla pulls the plug on its cheapest Model S and Model X models

It just got a whole lot dearer to land an entry-level S or X

LIKE most things from Elon Musk, the news came out of the blue via a tweet.

“Starting on Monday, Tesla will no longer be taking orders for the 75 kWh version of the Model S & X. If you’d like that version, please order by Sunday night at Tesla.com,” Musk said.

In lieu of any more official correspondence from Tesla, that’s all the detail we have.

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In real terms, it means that unless Australian customers lob in an order on Saturday, the price for an entry level Model S, which now becomes the P100, jumped by $27,450 to $139,500, and the first rung on the Model X ladder rocketed by $23,900 to $142,900.

In the case of the Model S, that $27,450 buys you 66 additional kilowatts, which is pretty reasonable bang for your buck. Mercedes will charge you $35k to step up 65kW from an E300 coupe to an E400 version.

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Of course, Tesla has history with culling the stragglers. Back in 2017, Tesla discontinued the previous base rear-wheel-drive 75 trim levels, and before that it axed the 60kWh entry-level cars.

It would appear that the company is buying headroom in the market for more profitable versions of its Model 3.

Australia is a priority-level market for the right-hand-drive version of the entry-level Tesla Model 3, which starts production in mid-2019.

When fully fleshed out, the range in the US will sell for between $US35,000 and $US78,000 ($A47,598-$106,075), and while no Australian pricing has yet been announced, Musk stated in 2017 that Tesla will charge “$US price in $AUD plus import duties and sales tax”.

Therefore the more expensive dual motor models in the Model 3 range would have overlapped Models S 75D anyway.