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Three of the coolest cars from the Royal Wedding

By Cameron Kirby, 23 May 2018 News

Three of the coolest cars from the Royal Wedding

There was some seriously interesting metal on show at the biggest nuptials of the year

WHILE it may not seem like the kind of event which would be enjoyed by car spotters, the Royal Wedding had a subtle but undeniable appeal for automotive enthusiasts.

Outside the Mercedes-Benz V-Class (which delivered the groom and his brother to the ceremony), and numerous blast-proof Range Rovers which escorted the procession, there was some seriously cool metal involved in the Royal Wedding.

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Here are three of the best:

Bentley Golden Jubilee

What would a British Royal Wedding be without a coach-built tribute to the monarchy? Enter Bentley’s Golden Jubilee. This behemoth was originally gifted to Queen Elizebeth in 2002 to celebrate, you guessed it, her golden Jubilee.

Based on a Bentley Arnage R, the Golden Jubilee is armour-plated and the cabin can be sealed with its own oxygen supply.

It’s one of two Bentleys in the Queen’s personal fleet. Handbuilt, and measuring in at 6.22 metres long, the Golden Jubilee is almost a metre longer than a standard Bentley Mulsanne.

The doors are rear-hinged to allow for elegant entry and egress, and the roofline is tall enough for the Queen to be able to stand up as she leaves the vehicle.

Power comes courtesy of a modified 6.75-litre V8, which seems excessive given the car spends most of its time crawling at 15km/h during official duty. The back seats are trimmed in Hield Lambswool Sateen cloth, while the rest of the interior is finished in light grey Connolly leather.

Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) used Prince Charles’ Aston Martin DB6 Volante during their wedding day – famously gifted to William’s father by the Queen on his 21st birthday and later converted to run on bioethanol fuel made from wine – Harry and Megan opted for a silent E-Type Jag.

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Renowned as one of the most beautiful cars ever designed, this drop-top E-Type had been converted by Jaguar to run purely on electrons and is a one-off creation.

The Concept Zero ditches its original six-cylinder engine for an all-electric powertrain, capable of propelling it to 100km/h in 5.5 seconds. Sadly, that capability was not on display as bride and groom departed Windsor Castle.

1950 Rolls-Royce Phantom IV

Another vehicle from Queen Elizabeth’s personal collection, this 1950 Rolls-Royce Phantom IV was used to transport the now Duchess of Sussex from Clivedon House to St George’s Chapel.

This particular model is the first of just 18 ever built, is powered by a 5.7-litre straight-eight engine, with a body hand built by H.J Mulliner.

Queen Elizabeth is particularly fond of the Phantom, reportedly purchasing it when she was a princess before using it as a state limousine for her 1952 Coronation.