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Top 10 Ford Falcons poll: the fan vote

By Louis Cordony, 06 Oct 2016 News

Top 10 Ford Falcons poll: the fan vote

How you’ve ranked Australia’s greatest Ford Falcons

To commemorate the Ford Falcon in our latest issue we ranked the 10 greatest to ever live and breathe.

However, while that was our view, we really wanted to know yours. So a week ago we compiled a shortlist, spanning the first and last fast Falcons, from which you picked the greatest Falcon.

The poll’s still open, but after 1204 votes we think it’s time to announce how things played out.

Ford XY Falcon GT HOUnsurprisingly Ford’s iconic Falcon GT-HO Phase III topped the ladder with 325 votes, or a 27 per cent share.

What we didn’t expect, however, was the runner up. The Tickford TE50/TS50 racked up 265 votes, or 22 per cent of the total count, making it second most favoured as Oz’s greatest Falcon.

Tickford TE50Third place was just as clearly defined. The BF FPV F6 Typhoon scored 181 nods from punters, while the BA Falcon XR6 Turbo wasn’t far behind on 108.

Fairmount ESPThe Fairmont XE ESP 5.8 and Falcon GT Hardtop trailed closely. With only 24 votes separating them from the XR6 T, the 5.8 came in at five while GT secured sixth place.

Falcon XR sprintMaking up our last four places were the Falcon XR8 Sprint in seventh, the FPV FG II GT in eighth, the Ford XR Falcon GT in ninth, and EB II XR6 S in last.

To see how we ranked the 10, and for a more detailed rundown on each car, pick up our special Falcon farewell issue. Find it in newsagents or on iPad and Zinio stores this month.

The Tally

Ranks Votes Percentage (%)
1. XY GT-HO Phase III 325 27
2. Tickford T3 TE50/TS50 265 22
3. FPV BF F6 Typhoon 181 15
4. BA XR6 Turbo 108 9
5. XE Fairmount ESP 5.8 96 8
6. XA Falcon GT Hardtop 84 7
7. Falcon XR8 Sprint 60 5
8. FG II GT 48 4
9. XR Falcon GT 24 2
10. EB II Falcon S XR6 12 1