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Toyota 86 with a Nissan GT-R heart

By Louis Cordony | Photos StreetFX Motorsport, 05 Sep 2016 News

Toyota 86 with a Nissan GT-R heart

Aussie tuner builds 1000bhp Toybaru drift car

Australia’s StreetFX Motorsport has stuffed a Nissan R35 GT-R heart in the unlikeliest of places.

Intent on chasing ludicrous power for its project Toyota 86, and limited by its factory four-banger, the company shocked all when it revealed the car fitted with a R35 GT-R’s twin-turbo V6.

However, while nothing to sneeze at, this stock 86 delivers much more than the GT-R’s stock 404kW. Drinking E85 fuel StreetFX predicts the car will exceed 1000 wheel horsepower, which will see it used for a “bit of everything”.

GT-R engined Toyota 86 engineOf course, it’s undergone serious engine work to hit such goals. Before slotting in the V6, StreetFX has stroked the engine from 3.8- to 4.1-litres and paired it with HKS turbochargers.

Handling the grunt will be an Albins six-speed sequential transmission, sending power to a Ford Mustang 8.8-inch rear differential. “Porsche-style” CVs and larger hubs will be the last link in the drivetrain.

Crazily, StreetFX say the car will still be used on the street. And claim it’ll hit the road with a full interior, stereo, and air conditioning.

GT-R engined Toyota 86 frontThat last luxury item may be a bit tricky to retain, though, as a dry-sump system replaces the stock alternator. The dry-sump was necessary trade-off to find six-inches of height in the car’s engine bay.

While the final engine hasn’t yet been dropped in (the photos are of a test fit), custom engine and transmission mounts have been made to help squeeze in the engine – along with a modified cross member, transmission tunnel, and factory cross member.

GT-R engined Toyota 86 aerialMassive 11-inch wide wheels wrapped with 295mm rubber will do their best to provide grip. They'll be hidden by the car’s swollen proportions, courtesy of a Rocket Bunny bodykit.

Full details on the car’s build and story can be found over at StreetFX Motorsport’s website.

Pics: Mitch Hemming for StreetFX Motorsport