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Watch the 1000hp+ Papadakis Drift Supra in action

By Chris Thompson, 24 Aug 2020 News

Fredric Aasbo’s new whip hits the track at full attack

The 1000hp+ Papadakis Drift Supra is ready to shred tyres

We’ve written about Papadakis Racing several times recently, and the California race team has finally wrapped up building its ‘1000hp Supra’ drift car for Formula D star Fredric Aasbo.

The difference between this build and most GR Supras which have been constructed in the last year or so is its engine. The difference is that it’s not a different engine – Papadakis racing is using BMW’s B58 rather than swapping a 2JZ or other popular ‘swap engine’.

Now, the build is done, the bodywork (Stephan Papadakis gives a few hints as to what a Rocket Bunny kit is like to install) and decals are on, and the car has had its first outing.

The engine has already been through its paces on the dyno, with the B58 making a very respectable 1033hp (just below 1034hp, or 771kW). Papadakis’ video is below.

Note: What might be the smoothest-ever triple-high-five happens just after the 10:30 mark. This isn’t that important but is very cool.

All the way through the build, Papadakis has kept explanations simple and made his videos very easy to follow, even detailing situations in which he’s made mistakes.

One  of the more recent video Papadakis racing put out followed the installation of the wiring harness with the engine finally in the car, before hitting the dyno to see if everything would run smoothly.

In the video you might have already seen at the top of this article, Fredric Aasbo shows off the car in its final form... in action.

It's a gentle reminder that Aasbo is an excellent drifter, in that he seems to gel with the car in no time at all, and that Papadakis and his team are excellent engineers and mechanics.