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Toyota Mark X GRMN revealed for Japanese market

By Chris Thompson, 11 Jan 2019 News

Toyota Mark X GRMN revealed for Japanese market news

Rear-drive manual sedan added to JDM-only GRMN family

Toyota Gazoo Racing has waved its magic wand over the rear-drive Toyota Mark X sedan to create a manual variant capable of raising the heartrate higher than a Toyota Sedan normally would.

The Toyota Mark X GRMN had previously been developed as a limited run of 100 units in 2015, but now the new generation to bear the GRMN badge is being released at 350-units.

Underneath, the Mark X is based on the same platform as the Lexus IS, but in GRMN form comes with a manual gearbox.

That’s right – a manual rear-drive Toyota that’s not an 86 or a Supra, and with two more doors.

Its 3.5-litre naturally aspirated V6, the 2GR-FSE, is good for 234kW and 380Nm and has only 1560kg of car around it to haul.

A carbon fibre-reinforced plastic roof panel reduces weight be 10kg, and lowers the centre of gravity, though it does cost the equivalent of $3500 at 270,000 yen.

The whole car’s base price is set at 5.3 million yen, which sounds a little more dramatic than the $65,690 that would represent here in Australia.

But knowing how much the Mark X GRMN is worth in Aussie dollars is unfortunately a little pointless, as the Mark X is only available in Japan.

There have been no indications that will change, as the Gazoo Racing ‘GRMN’ family is to be available in its entirety in Japan and nowhere else. The press release for the Mark X GRMN is even only available in Japanese.

Changes to the import laws in Australia might soon make it easier to bring one here though. Keep an eye out once SEVS comes into effect…