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VCM Performance is tuning a ZB Commodore

By Chris Thompson, 31 May 2018 News

VCM Performance is tuning a ZB Commodore

Melbourne company plans to use the new Commodore to showcase industry talent

If you were at MotorEx 2018 last weekend, you might have noticed a Holden Commodore sitting on a set of Simmons wheels.

But we’re talking about a specific Commodore, a front-drive ZB RS 2.0-litre turbo, owned by Melbourne-based VCM Performance.

It’s riled up some unfavourable reactions on social media, but VCM director Mario Pancione takes it in stride. It could be because he knows there’s potential for more than just a set of Simmons.

“We’ve had this car for three weeks, and we’ve come to like it over that time,” Pancione tells MOTOR. After two weeks, changes started taking place.

“The main thing so far is that Pedders has used the car to create a lowering spring kit for the ZB, so it looks good and handles better now.

“We’ve also tickled the ECU a little just to test the software and see if it’s responding.”

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Pancione might be being modest when he says ‘tickled’ as he adds there’s already been a noticeable jump in performance.

“Next, we’ll wind up the wick with exhaust dump pipes and a hi-flow cat, then changes to the intake, then work on the intercoolers with PWR.”

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He says the car is intended to be less a marketing tool for VCM than a showcase car to exemplify what can be done by the tuning industry in Australia.

It might have been a bit of a stir-up at first, but Pancione is sticking to his guns. Even the wheels.

“Well we thought we’d go with the Simmons… because that’s the traditional Commodore thing to do,” he says.

“I feel like this shouldn’t be about the car making huge horsepower, we just want to build a car that’s good to drive and make the most out of what we were dealt.

“It’s not the Commodore we know, but it’s a good car. If we, as an industry, can get behind that, it’ll be good for everybody.”