Walkinshaw W557 package announced

How do you make an LSA-powered HSV even better? Let Walkinshaw have a play with it…

Walkinshaw 2

If anyone knows how to make a Commodore faster, it’s HSV.

But if you want your HSV to be faster, Walkinshaw’s most recent performance pack should pique your interest.

The W557 package is designed to increase the performance potential of all LSA-powered HSVs, and the results are almost intimidating, even on paper.

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Obviously, the power figure is in the name – 557kW, but what’s more impressive is the increase in torque.

An absolutely gargantuan 930Nm.

Walkinshaw RearCompared to the already impressive GTSR, and even the W1, the W557 looks to be an opposition-eating monster.

It has 83kW more than the LS9-powered W1, and 122 more than a GTSR. In terms of torque, it puts out 190Nm more than the GTSR, and 115 more than the W1.

Walkinshaw wheelTo achieve this, the package includes ceramic-coated headers, a dual active cat-back exhaust, a cold air intake and some ECU fiddling, all by Walkinshaw.

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In addition, a WP camshaft is installed for a “more aggressive idle”, and 1000cc fuel injectors ensure you’ll have enough fuel being thrown on the fire when you need it.

Walkinshaw SeatsEven the supercharger’s pulley system gets an upgrade, plus head gaskets, head bolts, and the OEM lifters and guides get replaced on cars that have travelled more than 20,000km at the time of upgrade.

As usual, badges and plaques are scattered throughout.

The price for all of this? On top of the original car, you'd be looking at a $12,990 bill if it's for a new car, and an extra $1000 if it's used.

Existing W507s can be upgraded for $5,990, or $4,990 if your W507 is new.

Buyers also get a W Series certificate of authenticity and a drive-line warranty for peace of mind.

Peace until you turn the thing on, that is. Your neighbours will love you.


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