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Watch the Mercedes-Benz GLE’s trick suspension do a dance

By Andy Enright, 13 Nov 2018 News

Watch the Mercedes-Benz GLE’s trick suspension do a dance

E-Active Body Control: suspension that can bounce you out of a rut

WE’VE all been there. Every once in a while we find ourselves at a traction disadvantage. Rather than break out the racks and shovels, the latest Mercedes-Benz GLE has another trick up its sleeve: E-Active Body Control.

This is the first suspension system that can individually control both spring and damping forces at each wheel, the 48v electrical architecture also controlling vehicle pitch and squat.

What this means is that when you do get stuck, you can set it to bounce the car to help individual wheels attain a little traction and pull you out of a tight spot.

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Much like getting your mates to perch on the bumpers and bounce, the system’s hydropneumatics assist the air suspension.

The driver can even nominate one individual wheel for extra attention via a touch screen display, which is helpful if one spring is at full droop or contraction. About the only downside of it is that it sounds like your next door neighbour going at it.

As if bouncing around like a Chicano lowrider wasn’t enough, the GLE’s suspension also has a couple of showstoppers on the bitumen too. Curve inclination sees it lean into corners and the Road Surface Scan stereo cameras prime the suspension so that they know when a bump’s coming.

We’re only just beginning to see what 48v electrics can do for vehicle suspension. And, if the video link is anything to go by, we’re merely scratching the surface of the fun a Merc GLE will serve up in a Maccas drive-thru lane.

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