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Video: Volkswagen Arteon vs Kia Stinger vs Commodore SS-V

By Daniel Gardner, 22 Feb 2018 Reviews

Can a pair of newcomers from Kia and Volkswagen soothe the sting of the V8 sedan’s demise?

Video Volkswagen Arteon vs Kia Stinger vs Commodore SS-V

WE DON’T make rear-drive V8 sedans in Australia any more.

Sad fact but it’s time to get over it and start looking to the future, but in the absence of any obvious alternatives, what should Australia’s muscle sedan fraternity have on their radar?

Comparable performance, room for five occupants, suitability for our unique road conditions and a price bracket similar to the outgoing favourite – the Holden Commodore SS-V are all on the brief.

Chrysler’s excellent 300 SRT is probably the closest fit with a mammoth naturally aspirated V8 powering a rear-drive large sedan body, but the day of massive atmo V8s is in its twilight. How can we satisfy our hunger for big horsepower while complying with ever tightening emissions regulations?

How about this? Kia’s foray into the sports sedan market brings a serious twin-turbo V6 engine sending power to the rear wheels, a unique look and a sharp price. Let’s put that on the list.

With four-wheel drive, a relatively small engine and a slightly higher price tag, Volkswagen’s Arteon might seem like a less obvious alternative but give it a chance. It brings a high standard of build quality to the segment, potent performance thanks to its Golf R DNA and standout aesthetics.

Neither are an exact match but, in the same way that you can’t replace a family dog by simply picking a puppy of the same breed, a little flexibility is necessary to find a new high-performance sedan hero.