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How purchasing fuel injectors can support farmers through the drought

By SPONSORED CONTENT, 30 Aug 2018 Sponsored

How purchasing fuel injectors support farmers drought promo

Lend a helping hand to farmers when buying select DENSO injectors

UNTIL October 31, CFI Australia is offering $100 Cash Back on a select number of DENSO diesel fuel injectors.

Customers who purchase these specially marked packs will be given the choice between receiving a $100 EFTPOS card or donating their $100 Cash Back to the Buy a Bale charity. Buy a Bale supports Australian farmers during the harsh drought conditions that they are currently facing.

Diesel vehicles play a significant role in the agriculture industry as they transport produce and livestock within farmland and across the country. CFI Australia recognises that farmers are doing it tough and are struggling to provide for their livestock, which is why the decision was made to support this cause. All donations are greatly appreciated and go a long way in helping rural Australian communities. Transport and distance from supplies are major issues in rural communities. Your $100 donation can transport food and water 25km to a farm for their livestock or can provide enough food to feed a cow for a week. 

To donate personally to this great cause, you can do so at www.buyabale.com.au/donate

DENSO injectors are one of the world’s leading diesel injectors.  DENSO solenoid injectors provide rapid fuel injection and require minimal quantities of fuel. The injectors allow the system to perform five injections during each combustion stroke. DENSO injectors are built to last. They can sufficiently achieve their high-performance standards up to a fatigue strength of 1800bar injection pressure.

Only selected injectors will take part in this promotion including the injectors for the HiLux, Fortuner and Prado Toyota models. These specially marked promotional packs of four injectors will be available to all authorised DENSO service dealers across Australia. There are numerous registered DENSO dealers participating throughout each state. To find out more about this offer or to find a dealer near you, please visit the CFI Australia website at: www.cfiaust.com.au/100cashbackoffer/.

Customers will have a maximum limit of five claims. Claims must be made within 30 days of purchase.  To redeem the offer, purchasers are required to provide details including their name, email address, proof of purchase (copy of invoice), the date of purchase, postcode, Vehicle Identity Number, vehicle registration, details of reseller/ service agent and the unique promotional code that is provided in the box. The Cash Back Offer redemption form can be found online at www.cfiaust.com.au/Cashbackoffer

CFI Australia is the only licensed remanufacturer and distributor of DENSO Diesel fuel injectors in Australia. For more information about their products and services, visit http://www.cfiaust.com.au/ or call (03) 9267 8700.