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Affordable McLaren P1 electric supercar arrives

By Anna Kantilaftas, 27 Sep 2016 Car News

McLaren P1 electric toy car

McLaren has joined Tesla in the pure-electric car game with the release of the P1 supercar… for kids.

Since Tesla arrived to the automaker scene in 2003, it’s lit the way for fully electric cars. But now there’s a new kid in town, as McLaren’s P1 supercar enters the race.

But Tesla doesn’t have to worry because this version of the P1 supercar isn’t your ordinary exclusive offer from the British automaker – it’s a pure-electric toy for kids aged three to six years of age.

Even though it carries the toy label, this isn’t any playroom gig.

McLaren P1 electric kids toy

The McLaren P1 looks almost like the real deal plug-in hybrid hypercar (and we emphasise almost), with ‘dihedral’ doors (aka doors that open vertically), an electric motor, and three speed transmission including a reversing function.

It also features an on-board MP3 player and speaker system, lights, push-start button, and air-conditioning unit. Volcano Yellow is its colour choice.

But it’s missing the hypercar’s twin-turbo V8 engine, only has one seat, isn’t made of expensive carbon fibre and has also lost its roof. And it comes in a much smaller size than the one currently found in dealerships and won’t require buyers to take out a second mortgage to buy it.

McLaren P1 electric kids toy

The Ride On McLaren P1 is due to go on sale at McLaren dealers around the world by the end of October for £375, which converts to around $635 in Australia.

We can’t wait for all the ultra-cute Instagram photos of kids attempting this miniature supercar.

If McLarens aren’t your kid’s thing maybe you can get them the new ride-on Mercedes-AMG roadster, which the company also revealed this week.

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