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Kids can now drive a Tesla Model S

By Anna Kantilaftas, 19 Feb 2016 Car Style

Kids can now drive a Tesla Model S

Kids these days have everything, now they even have a Tesla Model S to play with.

Tesla has teamed up with toy maker Radio Flyer to create a Model S for kids.

But here’s the catch: unlike the grown-up versions that cost upwards of $120K, the down-scaled model will ‘only’ cost around US$500 (AU$700).

Built for kids aged between three and eight, and weighing less than 36kg, the mini Model S sits at a speed of around 4.8km/h. But flick the switch in the boot, designed to mirror Tesla’s Insane mode, and it’ll hit a speed of 9.6km/h.

Tesla and Radio Flyer have made the Model S so life-like that it’s almost fully customisable. Aside from its working headlights, sound system, small boot and reverse mode, buyers can also choose from three real Tesla colours (blue, silver and red), black or silver Turbine wheels, customised numberplates, a parking sign and an indoor car cover. Talk about spoilt for choice.

Additionally, a 130Wh Flight Speed lithium ion battery is available as standard, or a 190Wh battery is an optional extra to extend playtime by 50 per cent.

While a car for kids is not a new toy on the market, the fact the Model S for kids is so close to the real thing – and is packed with technology and customisation options – gives it a one-of-a-kind label.

At this stage, however, the Tesla Model S for kids is only shipped within the US.