Ford ‘Mustang-inspired’ electric SUV is happening

Ford reveals first images of its teased ‘Mach 1’ electric Mustang SUV in the works


Ford has been teasing a Mustang-inspired electric SUV for a while. But now we’re seeing this high-riding Pony crossover fast becoming a reality.

Recently revealed images show the electric SUV prototype in question being subject to a gauntlet of cold weather and track testing. They confirm, unfortunately for naysayers, that the SUV codenamed the ‘Mach 1’ is no longer a whimsical concept.


Clad in thick prototype camouflage, there is little to show onlookers what the upcoming model would look like, though rather worryingly its shape looks more like a boilerplate SUV than a sporty SUV coupe.

Despite Ford’s assurance the end product will be fun to drive, this is repeated a lot in the video above, the carmaker has yet to confirm what hardware and performance figures the electric SUV will be packing.


Curiously Ford claims the this will be its “first fully electric model”, which is an odd claim, considering it built a battery-electric previous-generation Focus for the United States between 2012 and 2018.

It is likely the Focus Electric’s availability in selected regions of the USA might be the key differentiator here as Ford’s reveal of the prototype’s cold weather testing is to assure American consumers of the safety and viability of operating a battery-electric vehicle in extreme weather and temperatures. Conditions populations in the mid-west often have to put up with.


The Mustang-inspired electric SUV isn’t Ford’s only all-electric product that has to appeal to Americans; the company is also busy preparing an  F-150 EV.

Reports have stated that the electric SUV is expected to make its debut in the latter half of next year.  


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