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Mercedes-Benz builds $1.7m yacht called Arrow460-Granturismo

20 Apr 2016 Car News

Rather than making cars float, automotive manufacturers are making boats instead. Enter the Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Granturismo

Mercedes-Benz builds $1.7m yacht called Arrow460-Granturismo

Technology has come a long way, but there’s still one thing cars can’t do. Float.

Less than a week after Aston Martin released its AM37 powerboat, Mercedes-Benz has thrown the champagne against its own seafaring vehicle – the Arrow460-Granturismo yacht. 

With the performance of a sports car and a design you’d expect of the luxury carmaker, the creatively named Mercedes made its first voyage near Nice, France this week.

Mercedes-Benz with Silver Yacht

“In developing the new motor yacht, we have transferred our expertise to the marine industry, creating something never seen before in the process,” said Gorden Wagener, Vice President Design Daimler AG.

The yacht, which was designed by Mercedes-Benz and built by Silver Arrow Marine, is 14 metres long and four metres wide, with two Yanmar diesel engines pushing it to a speed of 74km/h. 

Accommodating up to 10 people, the versatile design makes it usable for day trips or overnight stays, with retractable side windows, a windscreen that can open, and in-cabin luxuries. 

“The ‘Silver Arrow of the Seas’ stands for modern luxury, avant-garde style and comfortable elegance,” said Wagener. 

Mercedes Benz Silver Yacht

“The yacht combines the advantages of an open boat with the generous interior and privacy of a cabin cruiser. It weds charismatic design with perfect functionality, much in the same way as is familiar from our road vehicles.” 

Features include a high quality audio system, wine cellar, ice-making machine, extendable tables and beds, lavish bathroom, a dressing room, air-conditioning and luxurious materials to give an air of sophistication. 

The interiors are graced with wood, while the smooth, arrow-shaped exterior gives the motor yacht a uniquely modern flair. 

Mercedes Benz Silver Yacht

“Almost everything about Arrow460-Granturismo is unique, from its concept to the smallest bespoke detail. It is a motor yacht with a personality that truly embraces life, combining the best marine engineering with the inspired innovations and elegance that the world associate with the Mercedes-Benz name. By merging marine and automotive worlds, with their respective design language, technologies and ideas, we have created a new standard of motor yacht, unlike all others,” Silver Arrows Marine Chairman Ron Gibbs said.

But if you want to check it out for yourself, watch this video of a lucky 18 year old Owen Neistat jumping onboard Mercedes for a tour of the French city.

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