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Step inside this life-size Lego Volkswagen Kombi

By Noelle Faulkner, 20 Feb 2019 Car News

Lego Volkswagen Kombi

It turns out there is a career in Lego building, if this amazing VW Kombi is anything to go by

As the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of home ownership drifts further and further away with each Census report, Lego and Volkswagen have come up with a solution: a life-size VW T2 Campervan, complete with pop up roof, kitchenette, sliding door and real VW tyres.

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Doubling the brick record set by a life-size teardrop trailer in 2015, the Type 2 Bay Window replica is made up of some 400,000 bricks, weighs 700kg and stands at five metres in length, 1.9 metres in width and three metres tall with the roof popped up. 

Starting with a 3D-image construction plan that calculated rigidity and scale, the camper took certified Lego model makers (of which there are only 12 in the world, and yes that is a real job)  Renen Hoffmeister and Pascal Lenhard six weeks to build.


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Although it doesn’t have running water like the aforementioned LEGO teardrop trailer, the street cred of the Lego FPV Turbo Barra engine, nor does it seem to be drivable like the Lego Bugatti Chiron it does come stocked with toothbrushes, 70s style crockery, an old radio and love some lovely retro floral artwork.  

The camper is currently on show at the f.re.e Leisure and Travel Fair in Munich, Germany, until February 24.