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Woman's stunning stunt in Mitsubishi ASX ends in tears

By Tim Robson, 27 Apr 2020 Car News

car stairs fail mitsubishi asx

Amazing scenes as woman drives her SUV down three flights of stairs to train platform

Some days just don't go to plan. And this lady's day definitely ended badly, after she drove her late-model Mitsubishi ASX over a train station overpass in Melbourne over the weekend, ending up wedged in between handrails on a train platform in Melbourne's south-east.

asx stuck in handrail

We can only opine what led the subject of our story to her unfortunate situation. Was she following her sat-nav instructions a little too closely? Was she getting a bum steer from her food delivery app? Was she late for a meeting?

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The unnamed driver somehow steered her little SUV up a long pedestrian overpass ramp at Kananook Station, before allegedly coming to a stop and contemplating her next move.

Should she reverse down the path of least resistance? Should she hop out of the car and call for help? Should she make sure her travel card was at least topped up?

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Nope... our heroine proceeded in a downwardly direction, driving her ASX down three flights of narrow stairs en route to make the 2.30am all-stops to Frankston.

Her passage was halted only by the cheeky addition of steel handrails, which locked her hapless and hardy ASX into a point of no return.

In a marvellous piece of understatement, Victoria Police described the incident.

"Police attended the incident, which occurred just before 2am and breath-tested the woman, resulting in a reading of 0.158," read a statement.

"The woman is also expected to be charged with careless driving."

No mention of fare evasion, though...

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The ASX was so firmly wedged it required the services of a State Emergency Service team - and a tow truck with a long cable, we suppose - to retrieve it from its inappropriate parking predicament.

asx stuck in handrail

We all know that the Falcon AU can do incredible things, but given the steepness of the stairs and the relatively unscathed state of the ASX, perhaps there's a new contender for go-anywhere, do-anything automotive amazingness?

If we were to hazard a guess, our silly stunt driver will be negotiating those station stairs in a much more traditional manner, once a magistrate snaps her license in half.

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