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Someone has already crashed a Porsche Taycan Turbo

By Tom Fraser, 27 May 2020 Car News

porsche taycan turbo wrecked

A moment of silence please… This Porsche Taycan Turbo has already left the building

It had to happen eventually, didn’t it? The Porsche Taycan has earned the true status of supercar after being totalled in just 25 kilometres since delivery.  

After meeting its untimely end, this particular Taycan Turbo now sits in a copart.com auction lot in New Jersey in the US, awaiting an optimistic suitor to snap it up.

Chances are, however, that this car crash means it will never see a road under its own power again.

porsche taycan turbo wrecked

There doesn’t appear to be much damage to the car on initial look, save for a shattered front wheel, collapsed rear suspension and a damaged front valance. 

However, the listing does say that most of the issues come from underneath – damage significant enough for the insurance company to write the car off.

It smells like a high-speed understeer moment into something hard and immovable like, say a traffic island.

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We’d hazard a guess and say that perhaps the battery cradle or its cooling system has been damaged beyond repair, as the Taycan does store its energy on the underside of the car.

As far as we can see, it’s the first Porsche Taycan that’s been offered up at a salvage auction, and there are suggestions that this car is one of the first batch of 130 to be imported into the US.

porsche taycan turbo wrecked

We’d love to hear the full story behind the crash, but you can easily imagine what happens when 450kW and 1000Nm meets an inexperienced right foot.

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Although it might not look it, the hit was significant enough to trigger the airbags up front, as well as the rear left seatbelt sash bag. Clean up on aisle three…

There's every chance that this poor Taycan belonged to someone who drives around like this numbskull in his Audi RS6 filming himself doing 320km/h on a UK motorway.

Though they'd have to be pretty brave, maybe someone will pick up this example and swap in a motor with an actual turbo.

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