Holden Colorado LT 2019 quick review

If you're in the market for a dual-cab ute and the Colorado isn't on the list, you're not looking hard enough

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What is it? 

The Holden Colorado is a dual-cab ute that should be doing better business for the brand – and we don’t understand why it’s not.

Begat of the partnership between Isuzu and Holden in the early part of the century, the Colorado has been since poked and prodded by Australian-based Holden engineers to build a better mousetrap… and it shows.

2019 Holden Colorado LTZ


How much is the Holden Colorado LT?

For $46,990 before on-road costs at list price - and from $43,990 driveaway, according to Holden - the LT drops into a competitive space in the dual-cab ute segment that includes the $47,490 Ford Ranger XL double-cab, the $46,640 Toyota HiLux SR double-cab and the Volkswagen Amarok Core Plus at $47,590.

The 2018 Holden Colorado LT packs in Apple CarPlay, hill descent control, 17-inch rims and a seven-inch touchscreen.

Our tester came with a few accessories, including a 'short' nudge bar, LED lights, hard tonneau cover, black 18-inch rims and sport bar, for a total of $9065.

When it comes to fuel cost, Holden rates the LT at 8.6L/100km. Filling its 76-litre tank with diesel will be a $100-120 exercise on average, and you should get close to 1000km of range from a tank.

2019 Holden Colorado

 Our tester was fitted with an optional nudge bar and LED lightbar.

Who is the Holden Colorado LT for?

While the Ford vs Holden rivalry that our fathers grew up with is long gone, the Colorado should appeal to those ute buyers who still bleed Holden red. The vast majority of dual-cabs are pretty much the same rig, but the Colorado’s localisation program has really paid dividends.


Is the Holden Colorado LT easy to live with?

Inside, a no-nonsense cabin offers a large, easy-to-use seven-inch multimedia system with smartphone mirroring. The seats are deep and wide, and the fact that the rear seats can tumble backwards adds flexibility to the cabin. The rear seats themselves are decent, too, without the overly vertical backrest that plagues other utes.

There isn’t a lot of storage room in the cabin, though, and the steering wheel lacks reach adjust, which is a bit of a shame.

It’ll tow 3500kg without drama, though – something that we trialled with a horse float last year. The tray will only just accept a standard pallet, but kudos for the included tub liner.

2019 Holden Colorado

 Apple CarPlay is included

How well does the Holden Colorado LT drive?

For me, the Holden Colorado LT’s real strength lies in its on-road ability. We’ve had a few punts in the Colorado ute over the last 12 months, and the word ‘stability’ keeps coming up. With the steering rack from the last of the Aussie-made Commodores, and some witchcraft-clever rear leaf spring tuning, the Colorado’s on-road manners are exemplary, especially when it comes to unladen, high-riding, dual-cab utes.

It steers with confidence and agility, with more underhand feel than most of its rivals. The ride comfort, too, is brilliant, even without a load in the tray (it can carry up to 1029kg, if you’re interested).

The 147kW, 500Nm 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine is getting on a bit, but it still offers up a usable band of torque all the way through its rev range. It also teams up well with the stock six-speed automatic.

For off-road, Holden has added a limited slip rear diff than works with traction control electronics and a low-range transfer case, but it’s handicapped a little by highway-spec all-terrain tyres and less suspension travel than some of its rivals – but it certainly can scramble up a muddy hill just fine.

2019 Holden Colorado

 Rear-wheel-drive is standard, but 4H and 4L are available on the fly


Holden is not the same brand it once was, and that’s having an impact on foot traffic to its dealerships. But honestly, if you’re in the market for a dual-cab ute and you don’t at least have a look at the Holden Colorado, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

The Colorado compares well for price, spec, ability and – in our eyes at least – looks. It also benefits from a local tuning program that has absolutely transformed its on-road manners.

Holden Colorado LT 4x4 

Price $46,990 
Engine 2776cc 4cyl, dohc, 16v, TD 
Power 147kW @ 3600rpm 
Torque 500Nm @ 2000-2200rpm 
Transmission 6-speed automatic 
Dimensions (L/W/H/W-B) 5361/1872/1800/3096mm 
Weight 2121kg 
Tray capacity 1029kg 
Braked towing capacity 3500kg
Unbraked towing capacity 750kg 
Ground clearance 215mm


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