• It wields the big daddy twin-turbo engine of the BMW 2-series cabrio range, which means its fast; Toupee-threatening fast with the top down.
  • Its engine is a sonorous beaut, and the convertible roof allows better access for hearing it.
  • Should you enjoy sunny days on winding roads, lots of grip and its rear-wheel drive layout ensures corners are a hoot.
  • Typical BMW interior is all class and high quality, leather steering wheel is top notch too.
  • Adjustable suspension smooths out city roads for a comfortable ride and comes as standard.
  • Seat heaters mean you can drop the roof in colder climates.
  • Stylish two-door body suits the convertible look well.


  • For a performance range topper, you wish BMW styled it a little more aggressively.
  • Compared to rivals, like Audi’s TT roadster, the roof’s a bit of a slow coach to fold away.
  • While it’s nifty you can set separate temperatures with the climate control for the driver and passenger, you can’t adjust both at the same time. They are permanently separate.
  • The body makes a bit of noise with the roof up when driving fast over bumps.
  • You need to be careful applying throttle out of corners, the engine easily overpowers the non-LSD rear axle.

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