Waste time with some of our favourite car videos

There’s nothing we love more than surfing YouTube to find great and wacky car videos. Here's a few to get you started, including some blasts from the past

Chrysler 300 Limo Hit By Train Driving Jpg

Lamborghini sandwich

These guys couldn't believe their luck when they decided to film the Lamborghini Gallardo in front of them. The Lambo driver wasn't so fortunate.

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Rally driver loses steering wheel 

Keep watching after the wheel comes off. Looks like a childhood spent using Atari paddle controls came in handy for this bloke.

Street Machine Carnage

Go back to episode one of Street Machine's entertaining series about turning crap heaps into unlikely street heroes, starting with the legendary Turbo Taxi. We love the cameo from our old mate Ryan giving the old Melbourne taxi the WhichCar treatment.

1979 Bathurst 1000: Peter Brock's epic final lap

If you've ever wondered why Peter Brock was crowned King of the Mountain watch this. Brocky was the clear leader on the final lap in '79 but, instead of playing it safe, hammered his Torana A9X to the line just to prove he could and in the process providing a masterclass in apex chasing that's worth putting up with dodgy video quality to marvel at. Related: How good does that A9X look?!!!

Lady vs petrol cap

It goes without saying that if you turn the car around the petrol cap will be on the correct side, right? 

Train vs limo

No, this isn't the end Eraser where Arnie says "he's in the car". This Chrysler 300 stretched limo became bottomed out on railway tracks in the US state of Indiana in 2015 while carrying a group of teens celebrating a birthday before being T-boned by a freight train. Luckily everyone was able to get out of the limo before the train collided, but the judging by how long it took the train to stop it looks like the car ended up in neighbouring Ohio.  

Nürburgring, BMW M3 GTR, Hans Stuck

This vid might date back to 2004, but don't let the lack of 4K resolution distract you. This is the seminal Nurburgring hot lap video, starring BMW's mighty E46 M3 GTR, hotshoe driver Hans Stuck and a practice run for the Nurburgring 24 Hour in 2004. The audio is stunning, the car is a cultural icon in the endurance racing world and the lap itself is brave, committed and riveting to watch.


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