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ONBOARD: Tiff Needell belts a HSV Maloo around Silverstone

By Louis Cordony, 02 Mar 2017 Features

Watch Tiff chase Lambo GT3s in HSV’s Maloo

Tiff Needell belts a HSV Maloo around Silverstone

Talk about one way to end a Euro trip.

Vauxhall’s been flogging HSV sedans and Maloos in England for some time, but local manufacturing’s demise means our Aussies won’t travel abroad for much longer.

However, video of HSV’s Maloo R8 LSA belting around Silverstone Circuit reveals the supercharged monsters will at least leave a few fans in their wake.

Fans that now include Tiff Needell, if you don't mind a name drop. On camera for Evo UK, the famed motoring presenter and racecar driver brought along our 400kW and 671Nm workie to a track day.

Needell drivingSo, what does an Ex-F1 driver think about our coupe-with-a-big-boot around one of UK’s most storied tracks? Well, it’s immediately obvious talent hasn’t left Needell’s hands.

Despite damp and washy weather, the Maloo’s rear-wheel drive and blown 6.2-litre V8 don’t seem to phase the race veteran. Then again, why should it. He’s raced at Le Mans 14 times in everything from a Jaguar XJ220 to a Porsche 956.

He’s so comfortable, in fact, that he gets right into exotics on the first lap, disposing of Porsche 911s, before moving up the ranks and finding a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 to bother.

As well as unlocking its tremendous grunt he’s also at home exploiting its rear wheel drive chassis, linking corners on the lock stops between battles with the day’s crop.

if you're looking for a review of the Maloo, you'll be disappointed. But his few comments are energetic, the loveable Maloo charming Tiff.

And while friends in high places won’t be enough to save the Commodore from the history books this September, at least it’s garnering the global respect it deserves.