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S600 Maybach; Roush Mustang MM-R727; Seat Ibiza Cupra: Classifieds of the Week

By Chris Thompson, 12 Jan 2018 Features

Classifieds of the week jan pt2 banner

This week we’re looking at luxury, hot hatches, pricey Aussies and our Hot Tuner champion for sale

Oops, we accidentally spent another day looking for used cars online.

Oh well, have a look what we found and see for yourself whether it was time well spent.

1998 Seat Ibiza Cupra - $3750

“Great alternative to a Golf GTI. Better engine and lighter weight.”

While we’re not sure everyone will agree with that, we think the Cupra is still worth a look, and is currently tempting a former Mk2 GTI owner in the office.

With 110kW in a package weighing in at just over a tonne, and a manual gearbox, this looks like a treat if you can keep up with its maintenance. This one’s cheap, and has a roadworthy, but that doesn’t mean it’s bulletproof. Especially not with over 240,000 on the odo…

2017 Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach - $489,990

Ever wanted to feel like an international super-criminal while you get around? Well, you might need to become one to afford these wheels.

The Maybach S600
is a way to get around quickly and stylishly, with a 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 under the hood and a gorgeous interior. It’s a private jet on four wheels.

2017 Holden Calais-V Director - $82,495

When we sent David Morley out to test drive the Calais-V Director, we were told it’d set you back $63,990.

Good luck picking one up for that now. This one’s selling for a frankly silly 29 per cent mark-up at $82,495.  You do get Holden’s ripper 304kW LS3 in a comfy cruiser package for that, but is it worth the extra $18,505?

2017 Ford Mustang Roush MM-R727 - $148,000

Look familiar? It should if you’re a MOTOR regular. This exact car recently took home the title of best Ford Mustang Hot Tuner car for Mustang Motorsport.

The Roush-powered MM-727 (that’s 727hp, so 542kW) will set you back quite a few dollars, especially considering the costs of the car all added up to $112,490 when it was featured in MOTOR’s October issue.

2015 Lotus Seven-based Dax Rush M/C - $39,000

This oddball is something we’d love to take out for a track day.

In a Lotus/Caterham style body, the Dax Rush kit car is powered by a 149kW 1.3-litre Hayabusa motorcycle engine.

Also, it weighs around 600kg. Good luck resisting the temptation to power oversteer, just don’t let it get out from underneath you.