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Aston Martin teases electron-fuelled Lamborghini Urus fighter

By Barry Park, 10 May 2018 News

Aston Martin teases electron-fuelled Lamborghini Urus fighter

Lagonda-badged electric SUV to join Aston Martin's showrooms from 2021

ASTON Martin has teased an SUV that will join its line-up in 2021 that will wear a Lagonda badge and swap out hydrocarbons for a strict diet of electrons.

It will be the first global-facing Aston Martin product to wear the Lagonda badge exclusively since it was stuck on an angular, wedge-shaped sedan, the Lagonda V8, in the mid-1970s. The badge has resurfaced briefly since then: the British carmaker re-tested the world’s appetite for the badge a few years ago by building a bespoke sedan called the Lagonda Taraf that was sold almost exclusively in the United Arab Emirates.

The SUV, though, will be a global product. It was teased earlier this year at the Geneva motor show in a concept car known as the Lagonda Vision Concept, a four-seat sedan that the British luxury brand teased could roll off the production line as early as 2021. Of note, the brand also had two 40 percent scale models in one corner of its stand, one of a coupe, and the other of an SUV.

“Scheduled to be unveiled in 2021, the Lagonda SUV will be the first luxury SUV exclusively driven by zero emission powertrain technologies and will uphold all the qualities of the reinvented super-luxury marque,” Aston Martin said in a statement. “Not only will it feature an evolution of the incredibly bold design language first seen with the show-stopping ‘Vision Concept’, the SUV will be built around near-future technologies, such as its advanced battery electric drivetrain, making the Lagonda SUV the first of its kind: an ultra-stylish, supremely luxurious, fully electric emission-free vehicle.”

What the release doesn’t say is how the SUV will fit into Aston’s vision that the Lagonda badge will also aim to take part, or all, of the task of driving away from the owner – another claim laid down at the Geneva reveal.

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According to Aston, the form of the superfast, luxury-laden SUV will draw heavily on the design of the Geneva show car. That car was also claimed to have a driving range of about 650 kilometres before needing a recharge, which would make it one of the widest-ranging battery-powered vehicles on the market.

“Lagonda is a luxury brand, but it is also one rooted in technology,” Aston Martin chief creative officer Marek Reichman said. “It will be like no other SUV to drive, so its looks have to reflect that new reality and to serve as pathfinder to a future in which the most desirable and prestigious automobiles still have a place.”