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Brabus 800 AMG E63 S charges to 300km/h in under 25 seconds

By Daniel Wong, 23 Oct 2019 News

German magazine takes a tweaked E63 S to 336km/h in a 3km standing run

Brabus 800 performance testing video news

When the current Mercedes-AMG E63 S took home silver at PCOTY 2018, there was no denying it was as quick of a big four-door sedan as one can have. Big power mated to a traction rich AWD drivetrain, it was a winning combination.

But could you make it even more powerful? What would that look like? German magazine Auto Bild recently tested an AMG E63 S that has been treated to the full Brabus 800 treatment on a 0-3000m run.

As the numerical designation implies, the ‘800’ turns up the power output of the 4-litre biturbo V8 from 612hp (450kW) to 800hp (588kW), and raises torque from 850Nm to a neat 1000Nm.

At PCOTY 2018, the AMG E63 S managed a 0-100km/h time of 3.4sec, and completed the quarter mile in 11.28sec, crossing the line at 203.72km/h.

According to Brabus the ‘800’ tweaked E63 S would be able to spring to 100km/h in 3 seconds flat, but only managed 3.2sec in the test. A marginal advantage compared to the base car, but from then onwards is where the Brabus starts to clock in some impressive figures.

MOTOR performance tested: AMG GT63 S

0-200km/h is done in 9.9 seconds and the sedan continues to surge effortlessly to 300km/h, hitting the mark in 24.3sec from launch. At the end of the 3km run, the speedo registers 336.5km/h, all the while leaving the driver unflustered and free to adjust the infotainment system in the lap of luxury.

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