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Everything we know about the next-gen 992 Porsche 911

By Cameron Kirby, 27 Feb 2018 News

Everything we know about the next-gen 992 Porsche 911

It’ll have three pedals in certain variants, but there is plenty to upset Porsche purists

PORSCHE’S venerable flagship 911 is due for a generational update late next-year, with the iconic sports car’s eighth incarnation designed in support of an increasingly electrified future.

While the 992 version 911 isn’t expected to be officially revealed until October, speculation around the car’s vital statistics remains rampant. Wheels tapped our industry sources and collated everything there is to know about the next-gen 911.

Ever-tightening emissions regulations in Europe will play a large part in shaping the 911s future, ushering the car further towards electrification and turbo power, while consumer demands continue to prompt PDK gearboxes to replace three-pedal DIY shifters.

understands the 992 will be built around an evolution of the MMB structure, resulting in a wider footprint when compared to the current 991.2 generation of cars.

The entire range is likely to be equipped with 48-volt electrical sub-systems, which is a toe in the water ahead of a plug-in electric hybrid 911 that’ll be put into production when the 992 receives a mid-life update.

A PHEV 911 would likely combine the 3.0-litre EA9A2 flat-six combustion engine with a 70kW electric motor good for a system output of 362kW/761Nm and a 60km emissions-free range. It is understood a fully-electric 911 isn’t slated until the next generation after the 992.

Stylistically the 992 911 won’t differ greatly from the current generation, but will feature a raised rear deck, matrix laser headlights, active aerodynamics, and a reworked dash. The current Porsche Panamera and Cayenne offer a hint at how the new 911’s dash will look. Some automated driving features such as lane keep assist are also expect to appear on a 911 for the first time.

A 331kW Carrera S is likely to be the first model to be revealed, with an entry-level 295kW Carrera to follow in late 2019, and a flagship 470kW Turbo S arriving in 2020.

Purists will be glad to hear a manual gearbox will remain an option for the 992, with a test car spotted sporting three pedals. However, it’s likely most of the eighth-generation 911s will come fitted with an 8-speed PDK gearbox as standard.

While turbocharged flat-six engines will power most of the range, Porsche recently poured cold water on the theory that the entire line-up would be boosted.

It was reported earlier this year the GT3 would lose its naturally-aspirated 4.0-litre screamer in favour for a twin-turbo 3.8-litre unit, but Wheels understands the German manufacturer will try to proliferate the 992 range with similar turbo and atmo engines as seen in the 991.2 range.

Speculation the 992 will also become mid-engined (like the 911 RSR GTE race car) have also been denied by Porsche, with the company reiterating its commitment to mounting engines behind the rear axle.

Porsche Australia was unable to confirm when Australians should expect the 992 911 to arrive locally.