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Ford GT breaks record for fastest standing mile

By Chris Thompson, 28 Mar 2017 News

American tuner M2K Motorsports thrashes the Texas Mile in a 2006 GT


The record for the fastest standing mile was, for the last few years, held by a 2006 Ford GT. Now it’s been beaten… by a 2006 Ford GT.

Johnny Bohmer, owner of Performance Power Racing in the USA, will be disappointed to discover that his 283.2mph (455.8km/h) world record has been topped.

High performance modifiers M2K Motorsports have built a Ford GT capable of running a standing mile and reaching a top speed of 293.6mph (472.5km/h), more than 10mph faster than Bohmer’s.


As visible in the video above, the GT has had almost no external modification, which goes to show how impressive the original design is. A car which was essentially designed half a century ago is aerodynamic enough to go that fast without being launched into orbit.

Ford GT standing mile record

To put this into context, it’s fast enough to drive from Brisbane to Perth in less than eight hours, if you had a straight-line of road and didn’t have to stop for fuel. We imagine this thing drinks more than a failed writer.

The staging ground for this absurdly fast one-mile-run was the Texas Mile event, held at the Victoria Regional Airport in Texas. Event organisers Top Speed Racing Association posted the video evidence, but an onboard video popped up from a different account.

The quality is pretty sub-par and it’s pretty overexposed, so you can’t really see much. What you can see is the speedo rocketing its way to 293.6mph and then some. Plus, you get an idea of what the twin-turbo V8 sounds like from inside. Loud.