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Holden sexes-up SS for 2015

By Dylan Campbell, 09 Oct 2014 News

Holden sexes-up SS for 2015

HOLDEN has hotted up the SS Commodore for 2015 as customers flock to V8s like never before

HOLDEN has hotted up the SS Commodore for 2015 as customers flock to V8s like never before.

More than a third of VFs sold to date have been V8s with nearly one in four customers choosing an SS, SS-V or Redline.

For Holden’s mid-cycle MY15 update the SS has received the lion’s share of attention:

  • Automatic models now come with shift paddles on the steering wheel. The paddles are directly off the Camaro (and are already standard fitment on the American Chevy SS). Aside from that required to accommodate the paddles, there is no software change to the gearbox so shift times are unchanged.
  • The SS-V Redline now gets a new 19-inch wheel design with gloss black finish.
  • The steering’s been improved. Holden has worked with its Korean steering supplier to update its electronic steering. Hardware and software changes make for better off-centre feel and a more linear build-up of steering load in corners.
  • Two new colours: “Jungle Green”, a deep metallic green, replaces Fantale orange. Meanwhile Holden has added a new deep red called “Some Like it Hot”.
  • The rear number plate valance on SS models is now finished in gloss black.

Holden has also fitted grid lines to the reversing camera that bend to show the car’s rearward trajectory.

The VF has been on sale for 17 months and Holden’s Peter Keley says “at this stage in its lifecycle you wouldn’t be expecting revolution”, hence the basic upgrades.

Commodore sales are up 26 per cent on last year as it continues to dominate the large sedan segment.

Prices remain unchanged except for base Calais and SV6, up $300 due to the now standard fitment of a full-size spare as demanded by VF customers.

The MY15 Commodore goes on sale October 17 (next week).

Check back later today for MOTOR’s verdict on how the MY15’s shift paddles and steering upgrades have changed the SS Commodore driving experience.

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