HSV prices surge for new and classic models

Some of the rarest HSVs are up for grabs for big bucks, despite new models still in dealer stock

HSV Prices Surge For New And Classic Modes News Jpg

Despite plentiful supply of cars at dealers and in online listings, some of HSV’s greatest muscle cars are all but out of reach of anyone with a sub-$100K budget.

A trawl through classifieds across the web, prompted by the discovery of a HSV W1 on Tradeuniquecars.com.au asking $295,000 with 673km showing, revealed a plethora of both new and classic HSVs listed for well above the six-figure mark.

Other W1s ranged from $240,000 to $300,000, with several listings having been placed by dealers. Only the W1 listed on Trade Unique Cars had an odometer showing three digits.

A MY17 HSV GTSR Maloo in manual is the next-most expensive new HSV you can buy, with dealers and private sellers asking up to $190,000. We did find one at $125K, though this is still around $28K more than the RRP set by HSV.

As for sedans, a manual GTSR can cost up to $150K, while most auto listing fell around the $125K mark.

A HSV spokesperson told MOTOR that a limited number of new MY17 cars in varying models are still available in official HSV dealerships, but that HSV isn’t involved with setting prices – HSV only provides a pricing recommendation.

Turning back the clock, even the first examples of HSV’s engineering have started to rapidly gain value. A 1988 HSV VL Group A SS Walkinshaw is currently listed on Unique for $219,990, with 76,807km of wear.

It doesn’t come close to the $340,000 VL Walky which sold at a recent auction, but that car was build number 333, allocated to the D’Alberto family, and had only 1308km showing. Listings elsewhere range from $195K to $220K.

And, what could be an unexpected hero, the HSV VN Group A SS has recently beomce a hot item, with a listing on Unique for $127,000.

This one has travelled 100,536km, but its asking price doesn’t hold a candle to the $210,000 one fetched at the D’Alberto auction. That car was also build number 333, despite only 302 having been built.


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